Technology Grant Program

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Total amount sought (max $10,000, typical range: $500 to $7,500)
Nonprofit Agency Name
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Grant Information

In 100 words or less, please describe the equipment, training or material needed by your agency, and who will be using the technology.*
In 250 words or less, explain why you need this technology and how it would save money, improve service to clients or increase productivity. List specific objectives you hope to achieve as a result of this grant.*
In 75 words or less, please describe how you went about selecting this training, technology or software. Did you do comparison-shopping? Did you explore other ways of achieving the same results? In other words, how do you know this is what you need and that you're getting the best price?*
In 75 words or less, identify the firm(s) or individual(s) responsible for installing the technology, instructing people in its use, and maintaining it.*
Please give a detailed budget for the technology, including installation costs and any software or training needed to fully implement the project. If the budget exceeds $1,000, please list your needs in order of priority in case we can only provide partial funding.*
If you are located outside Nashville, how many Nashvillians do you serve and how do you serve them?
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Telephone queries may be directed to the Foundation staff at (615) 292-3868, or you may contact us through email at

Clicking the "Submit" button will send the completed application form to The Frist Foundation while also sending a copy to the contact email address that you provided within the application. *